One day in Paradise


Guided tour around Formentor and Pollensa bay. Getting to know about different stories of pirate attacks, The Fortaleza, Roman legacy at Pollentia, wrecks, Formentor famous visits and history.

Visiting one of the most untouched and virgin sides of the island, unique coves, away from crowds and buildings.

The «no-time experience»

Stopping for a swim, or snorkelling or just enjoy the ¨no-time experience” on board of this Vintage fully restored Llaut.


The vintage classic Fortuna


This typical and traditional fishing boat is an icon to Balearic islands. This llauts are now this days disappearing quickly, because their maintenance demands a lot of time and money.

Simplicity, humble and at the same time, majestic.

An unforgettable experience you can not miss.


The details, our speciality


Our main focus, is our guests.

The trips are provided with snacks (¨pamboli”) with jamón serrano, (optionally with paella and cava) cheese, fruit, and drinks, Red organic wine (our production), white wine, cava, beers, and soft drinks.

The romantic sunset with cava is just something unforgettable.

Simply join us!!!

Choose your Experience


1. Classic trip


Private and guided tour around Formentor and Pollensa bay, 2 to 4 stops during the trip in different sites, where you might swim, snorkel, eat, have a drink, or just enjoy relaxing and looking at the spectacular views.

Typical cold food, as snacks with “jamòn serrano”, cheese, picking…

Drinks also included. White and red wines, beers. Soft drinks.

2. Paella and Cava on board


As the Classic trip, but changing the menu.

3. Romantic sunset with cava


Simply unforgettable experience

4. All day charter


Do you prefer all day? No problem. We are in charge of everything.

5. Other experiences

Speed boat for larger groups.
Wine tasting tours around Binissalem wine region, visiting different selected wineries.

Area of the Experience Formentor (UNESCO heritage) and Pollensa bay

Harbour: Marina de Bonaire, Malpàs, Alcudia, 39,8662N, 3,1453E

Recomendations: swimwear, casual clothes, towel and sunscreen.

Departure times 09:00 and 13:00. Normally 3,5 to 4 hours tours. Sunset at 17:00

kayak and paddle board rental


Discover fantastic calas, beaches, caves and hidden treasures of Mallorca by kayak or paddle board with one of our experienced guides.
We operate all across the island*, all year round!


(*for some destinations we may only cater for groups of 6 or more)