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Alcudia-Puerto de Bonaire

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Mallorca Llautsis a family business, result of a project and the result of a dream: to sail the seas of life.
It all started with the dream of a father handed his son. It is not our duty but our pleasure to go beyond all expectation: to show you a lifestyle!


To sail a boat like this type has only one consequence: to open your eyes to the wonders of this world. Enjoyment and sense of peace are part of that experience, whether with friends, family or partner. The food taste better, and the moments become unforgettable.

Eduard Nicolau (Skipper)

I studied telecommunications and applied to the maritime side. In parallel I dedicated my life to be a diving instructor and guide of water activities. I am a nature lover and seeker of new experiences.

Damià Nicolau (Patrón)

I’ve always had passion for the sea. But also, for the countryside and to preserve our customs. Taking care of my farm in the interior of the island, getting the freshest and healthy local products, to supply the home needs. Producer of olive oil, wine, vegetables.